Advance Shutdown

Advance Shutdown  is a computer management tool, that will double the life expectancy of a computer while saving electricity. It handles shutdowns, sleeps, power on, restarts, logoffs, locks, hibernation. Advance Shutdown helps schedule PC to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and power off at any time (daily, at a specified time, or some time later and more).After a task is set, Advance Shutdown will run in the System Tray. Certainly, Advance Shutdown will remind you of your choice specific minutes before it carries out its automatic task. It can finish various tasks such as shutdown, restart, logoff, sleep and close power; You can specify the time in different ways to execute your task, for example, daily, at a concrete time, or some time later; 


Advance Shutdown helps schedule tasks based on below carteira
@ Once
@ daily
@ Date Of Month
@ Day Of Month
@ Day’s Of Week
@ Day Of Nth Week Of Month
@ In Few hours
@ In Few Minutes
@ Specific Minute
@ Specific Hour
@ Specific Days
@ Specific Weeks
@ Specific Month