Advance Shutdown Pro

It is an automated shutdown launcher handling multiple tasks to extends every computer’s life, saving energy, and money.
Auto Shutdown Free is a computer management tool, that will double the life expectancy of a computer while saving electricity. It handles shutdowns, sleeps, power on, restarts, logoffs, locks, hibernation. Scheduled events are time, duration, busy, idle,Cpu usage,Ram usage,Process cpu and ram usage or power.
Based upon your criteria the system will eliminate your computer being left on when no one is using it.
User’s can set up exceptions for shutdowns, hibernation, restarts, etc. which delayed till the end of program, or while critical programs run.
Users can add or edit an unlimited number of events scheduled tasks, remove others.
Tasks are treated as scheduled events that are caused by the triggers:
(1) A timed event,
(2) After a countdown of time since Windows was started today,
(3) When the computer becomes idle for a period of time, and
(4) for mobile computers when battery power becomes low.
(5) When Cpu Uage is greater than specified
(6) When RAM usage is greater than specified amout or
(7) When free RAM is below specified
(8) When Network download speed if greater than specified for specific time.
(9) When Network upload speed if greater than specified for specific time.
(10) When process cpu usage is greater tahn specified for specific time.
Timed events may be daily, weekly, monthly, annually, only once,day of month,days of week,day of nth week of month.

Auto Shutdown Free offers features rare to a shareware shutdown program or nonexistent features in freeware program such as:
(1) The ability to schedule multiple events.
(2) Events to shutdown an idling for cpu, ram ,process and user inactivity.
(3) If battery power is low.
(4) Event to shutdown on network download and upload speed.