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Advance Shutdown


Advance Shutdown is meant to specifically help users schedule their computers to shutdown automatically, or log off the current user, restart ,Lock , Sleep or hibernate.

How it operates

It can help shutdown systems when they are in the mode for suspended power conservation. It offers people different ways to plan the event of shutting their computers depending on their needs.

Advanced Shutdown gives users the possibility to set the time in minutes, hours and seconds. For example, one can configure the time as daily, only, once, weekly, monthly and so forth.

The following list gives a more detailed list of the different commands the user can give the Advance Shutdown to shut down the systems.

@ Once
@ daily
@ Date Of Month
@ Day Of Month
@ Day’s Of Week
@ Day Of Nth Week Of Month
@ In Few hours
@ In Few Minutes
@ Specific Minute , Hour , Days , Weeks , Months


Simple Interface

User interfaces for of the Advance Shutdown are often simple and easy to use, commands and parameters in one window.

A list commands are kept as simple and basic as possible, so tweaking the features of a program is an increasingly simple task.


Advance Shutdown Interface


Since it does not require significant knowledge of computers to work with the Advance Shutdown, even users who are less experienced can use the whole process efficiently. 

Furthermore, an individual can choose the desired action that they want to implement from a drop-list that includes restart, log off, Lock , Sleep and hibernate.

Besides, it is also possible to force the utilities that are running to close so as to ensure that the task has been successfully implemented.

Furthermore, the software embeds buttons that are dedicated in the system tray for helping users restart their computers or Lock and Logoff quickly or active sleep mode and hibernate.

It also supports 53 languages and, therefore, very user friendly.

System Requirements

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and  Vista. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

.Net Framework 4.0